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I got the job at Ingles!!!! I am so happy! I start the 10th at 10AM! I will be working as a Deli Associate. I am so freaking excited to start on my first ever job! Maybe now that I'm less stressed I can get back to work on some drawings or some new wallpapers when i have free time. :)


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Gareth Jason (my real name is of no need)
United States
Decided to show you guys what I look like :), yeah I'm not that great...

If you have a skype my skypename is " garethjason " (all one word no caps.)

If you are on and wish to read the trilogy fic i have going go to my page :)…

**Actual Bio**

I am a simple brony, nothing special about me, I listen to Dub-step, play MineCraft(sometimes), RuneScape(Sometimes), and I brony everyday :). Being a brony has changed my life a lot, before seeing the show, my life sucked, nothing special ever happened to me.
How I became a brony is funny really, It started as a normal day for me, YouTubing, I came across a video called "Teen's react to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" by TheFineBros, so i said what the heck see what they say. I watch it and at first i agree with the teens, I thought it was a bit silly to watch it, so I didn't...for a while... I started noticing the ponies...everywhere on my youtube, so i thought, eh what the heck 1 episode won't hurt. So i watched the first episode, which became two because it was two parts. After watching them both, I stared at the screen, 'one more episode' I said to myself, which became two then five, then two seasons. I immediately fell in love with the show. so yeah.. thats how i became a brony if you actually took time to read all of this.

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I can haz Premium Please? I just saw everyone doing a donation thing so I decided to start one :shrug: why not.

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Thank you! :333333333 Thanks again for the picture!
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